The "PIVOT PLATE" is based on a carburetor lift plate that has been in use for over forty years by mechanics worldwide. The "PIVOT PLATE" has a unique arm that pivots and allows the balance point of a complete engine and transmission to be changed in order for it to tilt up to a 35 degree angle to ease removal from a tight engine compartment. Engine adapters are also available to fit most engine applications in addition to the two and four barrel carbureted V8 patterns in the "PIVOT PLATE" base.

Designed and manufactured by Mike Pothoff, a street rodder, racer, and metal fabricator with over thirty-seven years experience.




When it comes to doing an engine swap, the Engine Hoist "PIVOT PLATE" is the safe, easy, user friendly way to do a procedure that is usually plagued with frustration, fear and disdain!

Pivot Plate

originator and manufacturer of the engine hoist "pivot Plate"

The Standard "PIVOT PLATE" for the carbureted engine (2 & 4 barrel Carter, Holley & Rochester for Ford, GM, Mopar and others) is $119.95 plus shipping.

Special adapters may be purchased individually when needed to remove or replace fuel injected Ford or GM engines, the Ford Flathead V8 or GM 2.8 V6.