With thousands of happy "PIVOT PLATE" users worldwide, the reports back have been very positive! Those who do engine swaps for a living are very pleased with the time saved over their old methods, which translates into more profits. The restoration and street rod shops are pleased with absolutely zero damage to all their hard work performed on that special vehicle! The first timer and experienced hobbyist are amazed at how easy it is to be able to do the work by themselves with total control and confidence!

Designed and manufactured by Mike Pothoff, owner of Myk's Tools, a street rodder, racer, and metal fabricator since 1963. Mike is also the former owner and originator of Myk's Louvered Baseball Caps from 1982-88 and former owner of Myk's Custom Automotive Fabrication from 1980-92. Mike knows cars, car people and how to fabricate quality products.

Mike designed the unique and compact "Engine Hoist PIVOT PLATE" in 1991 and has been continually improving and refining it using high quality materials. The "PIVOT PLATE" has an arm that allows the balance point of a complete V-8 engine and transmission to be changed in order for it to tilt up to a thirty-five degree angle to ease installation and removal from a tight engine compartment. The "PIVOT PLATE" bolts to the intake manifold and will fit all two and four barrel carburetors of Rochester, Carter, Holley, & Stromberg and the 1050 Holley Dominator. Grade 8 cap screws are provided to give a 1500 lb. capacity. Proven Safe on Aluminum Intake Manifolds. Adapters are available for fuel injected V-8 engines also.

The "PIVOT PLATE" is "user friendly" and allows one person to safely and simply install or remove an engine and transmission from confined engine compartments. It also works well to re-align the engine dowel pins to the transmission when only the engine is removed. It allows the correct angle to be maintained while fabricating engine and transmission mounts. When working on race cars it allows precision alignment of the engine and transmission mounts and saves valuable time. It also works on marine inboards with automotive type engines. The direct bolt on design eliminates the problem of finding a place to attach chains to keep the engine level side to side. The compact design clears the firewall when the engine and transmission are tilted upward and keeps from scratching freshly painted firewalls. Our slogan is "Ask the person who has used one!"

Due to the increased demand from the different automotive areas, we now offer adapters for FORD 4.6 Modular OHC V8, 5.0 (302) and 7.5 (460) Electronic Fuel Injection as well as the Flathead V8. For GM we have adapters for Tuned-Port, Multi-Port, Ramjet, Throttle Body Electronic Fuel Injection, Ramjet 502 Big Block, LS-1 & LS-6 Fuel Injection and Early Corvette. We also have an adapter for the 2.8 V6. For all the drag racers that use the Holley Dominator 1050 CFM carburetor, that large bolt pattern is included with the regular 2 & 4 bbl bolt patterns. Also now available is an adapter for the Jaguar DOHC 6 cylinder engines. Our latest adapter for the Chevrolet Inline 6 Cylinder 194, 230, 250, & 292 is now available. Our R & D department can work with you on special adapters for applications that we may not cover with our current product line. Please contact us, or give us a call with any questions.

pivot plate

ARE YOU A "HANDS ON" KIND OF GUY OR GAL WHEN IT COMES TO WORKING ON YOUR OWN VEHICLE? DO YOU DO YOUR OWN WORK?Are You A "First Timer", An "Old Timer", A Professional Technician", A "Car Builder" Or A "Serious Hobbyist"?

When it comes to doing an engine swap, the Engine Hoist "PIVOT PLATE" is the SAFE, EASY, USER FRIENDLY way to do a procedure that is usually plagued with frustration, fear and disdain!

originator and manufacturer of the engine hoist "pivot Plate"